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Culver City is a city located in the Los Angeles metropolitan area in California. It is known for its diverse economy, vibrant arts and cultural scene, and its close proximity to popular destinations such as Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

The real estate market in Culver City is highly competitive, with a mix of single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums. The average home price in Culver City is higher compared to other nearby cities, reflecting the high demand for homes in the area and its strong job market. The city's popularity as a desirable place to live has driven up real estate prices, and home values have continued to appreciate over the past few years.

Overall, Culver City's mix of strong job market, desirable location, and vibrant arts and cultural scene make it a popular choice for homebuyers, leading to a strong real estate market with steady demand for homes.

Culver City consists of Nine constituent neighborhoods that vary in values. From Highest to lowest is Carlson Park, Lucerne-Higuera, Park West, Blanco-Culver Crest, Culver-West, Mclaughlin, Clarkdale, Blair Hills, and Fox Hills.

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