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Hawthorne is an incorporated city within the County of Los Angeles. It is a small, medium sized, medium density, suburban city with a concentration of industrial use towards the Northeast section. The city is bordered by the (105) Freeway to the North, City of Lawndale to the South, City of El Segundo to the West, and city of Gardena to the East. It is also located over 13 miles Southwest of Downtown Los Angeles.

The city was incorporated in 1922 and is a residential community consisting of mainly single and multi-family residences built predominantly between 1920-1970. There is a limited range of housing styles which consists of mainly Traditional style homes.

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We here at LA Home Appraisal, are Certified Residential Appraisers with over 2 decades of experience in the Los Angeles County market. There is not a single area within this region that we have not appraised. We understand the vastness and complexities of each neighborhood and the importance of local knowledge in providing you with an accurate home appraisal.  

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